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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 146

1 The Lord praise: praise (my soul) the Lord.

So long as I do live

2 I’ll praise the Lord; while that I am,

praise to my God I’ll give.

3 Trust not in Princes; nor man’s son

who can no succour send.

4 His breath go’s forth, to’s earth he turns,

his thoughts that day do end.

5 Happy is he that hath the God

of Jacob for his aid:

whose expectation is upon

Jehovah his God stay’d.

6 Which heav’n, earth, sea, all in them made:

truth keeps for evermore:

7 Which for th’ oppressed judgment doth,

gives to the hungry store,

8 The Lord doth loose the prisoners.

the Lord ope’s eyes of blind,

the Lord doth raise the bowed down;

the Lord to th’ just is kind.

9 The Lord saves strangers, and relieves

the orphan, and widow:

but he of them that wicked are

the way doth overthrow.

10 The Lord shall reign for evermore,

thy God, o Sion, he

to generations all shall reign:

o praise Jehovah ye.