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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 147

1 PRaise ye the Lord, for it

is good praises to sing,

to our God for it’s sweet,

praise is a comely thing.

2 Jerusalem

the Lord up-rears,

outcasts gathers

of Isre’l them.

3 The broke in heart he heals:

and up their wounds doth bind.

4 The stars by number tells:

he calls them all by kind.

5 Our Lord great is,

and of great might,

yea infinite

his knowledge ‘tis.

6 The Lord sets up the low:

wicked to ground doth fling.

7 Sing thanks the Lord unto

on Harp, our Gods praise sing.

8 Who clouds the skies,

to earth gives rains:

who on mountains

makes grass to rise.

9 Beasts, he and ravens young

when as they cry feeds then.

10 Joys not in horses strong:

nor in the legs of men.

11 The Lord doth place

his pleasure where

men do him fear,

and hope on’s grace.

12 Jerusalem, God praise:

Sion thy God confess:

13 For thy gates bars he stays:

in thee thy sons doth bless.

14 Peace maketh he

in borders thine:

with wheat so fine

he filleth thee.

15 On earth sends his decree:

swiftly his word doth pass.

16 Gives snow like wool, spreads he

his hoar frost ashes as.

17 His ice doth cast

like morsels to:

‘fore his cold who

can stand stedfast?

18 His word sends, and them thaws:

makes wind blow, water flows.

19 His word, Jacob; his laws,

and judgments Isr’el shows.

20 He hath so done

no nations to,

judgments also

they have not known.