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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 147

1 ! The Prophet praiseth the bountie, wisdome, power, justice & prouidence of God vpon all his creatures.

1 a He sheweth wher we oght to exercise our selues continually, & to take our pastime: to wit, in praising God.

2 ! But specially vpon his Church, which he gathereth together after their dispersion,

2 b Because the Lord is the founder of the Church, it can not be destroyed, thogh the memebers thereof be dispersed, and seme, as it were, for a time to be cut of.

4 d Thogh it seme to man incredible, that God shulde assenble his Church, being so dispersed, yet nothing can be to hard to him, that can nomber & name all the starres.

6 e For the more high that the wicked clime, the greater is their fall in the end.

8 f He sheweth by the examples of Gods mightie power, goodnes & wisdome, that we can neuer want moste just occasion to praise God.

9 g For thir crying is as it were a confession of their nede, which can not be reliued, but by God onely: then if God shew himself mindeful of the moste contemptible foules, can he suffer them to dye with famine, whome he hathe assured of life euerlasting.

10 h Thogh to vse lawful meanes is bothe profitable & pleaseth God, yet to put our trust in them, is to defraude God of his honour.

13 i He doeth not onely furnish his Church with all things necessarie, but preserueth als the same, & maketh it strong against all outward force.

15 k His secret working in all creatures is as a commandement to kepe them in ordre, & to giue them mouing & force.

15 l For immediately & without resisting all things obei him.

19 m As before he called Gods secret working in all his creatures his word: so he meaneth here, by his worde, the doctrine of life euerlasting, which we hathe left to his Church, as a moste precious treasure.

19 ! Declaring his worde and judgements so vnto them, as he hathe done to none other people.

20 n The cause of this difference is Gods fre mercie, which hathe elected his in his Sonne Christ Jesus to saluacion: & his juste judgement, whereby he hathe appointed the reprobate to eternal damnation.