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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 146

1 a He stirreth vp him self, & all his affections to praise God.

1 ! Dauid declareth his great zeale that he hathe to praise God,

3 ! And teacheth, not to trust in man but onely in God almightie,

3 b That God may haue the whole praise wherein he forbideth all vaine confidence, shewing that of nature we are more enclined to put our trust in creatures, then in God the Creator.

4 c As their vaine opinions, whereby they flattered them selues, and so imagined wicked entreprises.

6 d He encourageth the godlie to trust onely in the Lord, bothe for that his power is able to delieuer them from all danger, & for his promes sake his wil is moste readie to do it.

7 e Whose faith & pacience for a while he tryeth, but at length he punisheth the aduersaries, that he may be knowen to be judge of the worlde.

8 f Thogh he visit them by affliction, hungre, imprisoments and suche like, yet his Fatherlie loue and pitie neuer faileth them yea, rather to his these are signes of his loue.

9 g Meaning all them that are destitute of worldelie meanes and succour.

9 ! Defendeth the strangers, comforteth the fatherles, and the widowes,

10 h He assureth the Church that God reigneth for euer for the preseuation of the same.

10 ! And reigneth for euer.