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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 146

Psalm 146: Praise God. The Lord praise, O my soul

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 Praise God. The Lord praise, O my soul. 2 I’ll praise God while I live; While I have being to my God in songs I’ll praises give.

3 Trust not in princes, nor man’s son, in whom there is no stay: 4 His breath departs, to’s earth he turns; that day his thoughts decay.

5 O happy is that man and blest, whom Jacob’s God doth aid; Whose hope upon the Lord doth rest, and on his God is stay’d:

6 Who made the earth and heavens high, who made the swelling deep, And all that is within the same; who truth doth ever keep:

7 Who righteous judgment executes for those oppress’d that be, Who to the hungry giveth food; God sets the pris’ners free.

8 The Lord doth give the blind their sight, the bowed down doth raise: The Lord doth dearly love all those that walk in upright ways.

9 The stranger’s shield, the widow’s stay, the orphan’s help, is he: But yet by him the wicked’s way turn’d upside down shall be.

10 The Lord shall reign for evermore: thy God, O Sion, he Reigns to all generations. Praise to the Lord give ye.