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Use Patterns

JavaScript allows me to offer you additional information and functionality that would bring a substantial burden to the server(s) I use if I were responsible to provide it. Without JavaScript (in terms of bandwidth and server activity) the functionality that is offered by its use might be cost prohibitive (at least during peak activity). However, by using it, your computer shares some of the burden by applying certain features to the page dynamically. This offers a much richer experience: e.g., warning of certain things, making the page more legible or appealing, adding pertinent information and more.

As a rule I try to use JavaScript only to implement things that are not absolutely necessary, but add functionality that is helpful or valuable. Likewise, as I build new pages and migrate old ones we have worked hard to avoid mixing script (behavior) with the information on the page (content). This will help to make sure that if you have JavaScript disabled all important information is still available to you.