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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 145

1 ! This Psalme was composed , when the kingdome of Dauid florished. 1 Wherein he describeth the wonderful prouidence of God, aswel in gouerning man, as in preseruing all the rest of his creatures.

1 a He sheweth what sacrifices are pleasant & acceptable vnto God: euen praise & thankesgiuing, and seing that god stil conintueth his benefites towards vs, we oght neuer to be wearie in praising him for the same.

3 b Herby he declareth that all power is subject vnto God, & that no worldlie promotion oght to obscure Gods glorie.

4 c Forasmuche as the end of mans creation, & of his preseruation in this life is to praise God, therefore he requireth that not onely we our selues do this, but cause all other to do the same.

6 d Of thy terrible judgements against the wicked.

8 e He describeth after what sorte God sheweth him self to all his creatures, thogh our sinnes haue prouoked his vengeance against all: to wit, merciful, not onely in pardoning the sinnes of his elect, but in doing good euen to the reprobate, albeit they can not fele the swete comfort of the same.

11 f The praise of thy glorie appeareth in all thy creatures: & thogh the wicked wolde obscure the same by their silence, yet the faithful are euer mindeful of the same.

12 g He sheweth that all things are out of ordre, but onely where God reigneth.

14 h Who being in miserie and affliction wolde fainte and fall away, if God did not vpholde them, and therefore they oght to reuerence him, that reigneth in heauen, and suffer them selues to be gouerned by him.

17 k He praiseth God, not onely for that he is beneficial to all his creatures, but also in that that he justly punisheth the wicked, & mercifully examineth his by the crosse, giuing them strength & deliuering them.

17 ! He praiseth God for his justice & mercie,

18 l Which onely apperteineth to the faithful: and this vertue is contrarie to infidelitie, douting, impacienceie and murmuring.

18 ! But specially for his louing kindenes toward those that call vpon him, that feare him, and loue him:

19 m For they wil aske or wish for nothing, but according to his wil, {Job 3,14}

21 n That is, all men shalbe bounde to praise him.

21 ! For the which he promiseth to praise him for euer.