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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 144

1 ! He praiseth the Lord with great affection and humilitie for his kingdome restored, and for his victories obteined.

1 a Who of a poore shepherd hathe made me valiant warriour and mightie conquerour.

2 b He confesseth that nether by his owne autoritie, power nor policie his kingdome was guiet, but by the secret grace of God.

2 / Ebr. my deliuerer was to me: for the Prophet can not satisfie him self with any wordes.

3 c To giue vnto God just praise is to confesse euer selues to be vnworthie of so excellent benefites, & that he bestoweth them vpon vs of his fre mercie.

5 d He desireth God to continue his graces & to send helpe for the present necessitie.

5 ! Demanding help and the destruction of the wicked,

6 e By these maner of speaches he sheweth that all the letters in the worlde can not hinder Gods power, which he apprehended by faith.

7 f That is, deliuer me from the tumultes of them that shulde be my people, but are corrupt in their judgement & enterprises, as thogh thei were strangers.

8 g For thogh thei shake hands, yet thei kepe not promes.

9 ! Promising to go acknowledge the same with songs of praises,

9 h That is, a rare & excellent song, as thy great benefites deserue.

10 i Thogh wicked Kings be called Gods seruant, as Cyrus, {Isa. 45,1}, forasmuche, as he vseth them to execute his judgements: yet Dauid because of God promes, and they, that rule godly, are properly so called, because they serue not their wone affections, but set forthe Gods glorie.

12 k He desireth God to continue his benefites toward his people, counting the procreacion of children and their good education among the chiefest of Gods benefites.

13 l That the verie corners of our houses may be ful of store for the great abundance of thy blessings.

14 m He attributeth not onely the great commodities, but euen the least also to Gods fauour.

15 ! And declareth wherein the felicitie of anie people consisteth.

15 n And if God giue not to all his children all these blessings, yet he recompenseth them with better things.