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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 143

1 ! An earnest praier for remission of sinnes, acknowledging that the enemies did thus cruelly persecute him by Gods just judgement.

1 a That is, as you hast promised to be faithful in thy promes to all that trust in thee.

1 b That is, according to thy fre goodnes, whereby thou defendest thine.

2 c He knewe that his afflictions were Gods messingers to call him to repentance for his sinnes, thogh toward his enemies he was innocent, & that in Gods sight all men are sinners.

3 d He acknowledget that God is the onelie & true phisicion to heale him: & that he is able to raise, him to life thogh he were dead long ago & turned to ashes.

3 ! He desireth to be restored to grace.

4 e So that onely by faith & by the grace of Gods Spirit he was vpholden.

5 f To wit, thy great benefites of olde, & the manifolde examples of thy fauour to ward thine.

8 h Let thine holie Spirit counsel me how to come forthe of these great cares & troubles.

8 g That is, spedely & in due season.

9 i I hid my self vnder the shadow of thy wings, that I might be defended by thy power.

10 ! To be gouerned by his holie Spirit, that he maie spende the remnant of his life in the true feare & seruice of God.

10 l That is, justly & aright. for so sone as we decline from Gods wil, we fall into errour.

10 k He confesseth that bothe the knowledge & obedience of God wil commeth by the Spirit of God, who treacheth vs by his worde, giueth vnderstanding by his Spirit, & frameth our hearts by his grace to obey him.

12 n Resigning my selfe wholly vnto thee, and trusting in thy protection.

12 m Which shal be a signe of thy Fatherlie kindenes toward me.