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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 143

A psalm of David.

1 Lord, hear my pray’r, give ear when I

do supplicate to thee:

in thy truth, in thy righteousness;

make answer unto me.

2 And into judgment enter not

with him that serveth thee;

for in thy sight no man that lives

can justified be.

3 For th’ enemy hath pursued my soul,

my life to th’ ground hath thrown:

and made me dwell i’th dark like them

that dead are long agone.

4 Therefore my spirit is overwhelm’d

perplexedly in me:

my heart also within me is

made desolate to be.

5 I call to mind the days of old,

I meditation use

on all thy words: upon the work

of thy hands I do muse.

6 Moreover I do unto thee

reach mine out-stretched hands:

so after thee my soul doth thirst

as do the thirsty lands. Selah.


7 Hast, Lord, hear me, my spirit doth fail,

hide not thy face me fro:

lest I become like one of them

that down to pit do go.

8 Let me thy mercy hear i’th morn,

for I do on thee stay,

wherein that I should walk cause me

to understand the way:

For unto thee I lift my soul.

9 O Lord deliver me

from all mine enemies; I do fly

to hide myself with thee.

10 Because thou art my God, thy will

oh teach thou me to do,

thy spirit is good: of uprightness

lead me the land into.

11 Jehovah, me o quicken thou

ev'n for thine own Names sake;

And for thy righteousness my soul

from out of trouble take.

12 Doe thou also mine enemies

cut off in thy mercy,

destroy them that afflict my soul:

for thy servant am I.