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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 142

Maschil of David, a prayer when he was in the cave.

1 Unto Jehovah with my voice,

I did unto him cry:

unto Jehovah with my voice

my sute for grace made I.

2 I did pour out before his face

my meditation:

before his face I did declare

the trouble me upon.

3 O’rewhelm’d in me when was my spirit,

then thou didst know my way:

I’th way I walkt, a snare for me

they privily did lay.

4 On my right hand I lookt, and saw,

but no man would me know,

all refuge fail’d me: for my soul

none any care did show.

5 Then to thee Lord, I cried, and said,

my hope thou art alone:

and in the land of living ones

thou art my portion.

6 Because I am brought very low,

attend unto my cry:

from my pursuers save thou me,

which stronger be then I.

7 That I thy Name may praise, my soul

from prison oh bring out:

when thou shalt me reward, the just

shall compass me about.