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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 142

1 ! The Prophet nether astonied with fear, nor caried awaie with angre, nor forced by desperation, wolde kil Saul, but with a quiet minde directed his earnest praier to God, who did preserue him

1 a Dauids pacience & instant praier to God condemneth their wicked rage, which in their troubles ether despaire and murmur against God, or else seke to others, then to God, to haue redres in their miseries.

3 / Ebr. Was folden or wrapped in me: meaning, as a thing that colde haue none ysse.

5 b Thogh all meanes failed him, yet he knewe that God wolde neuer forsake him.

7 c For he was on all sides beset with his enemies, as thogh he had bene in a most strait prison.

7 d Ether to rejoyce at my wonderful deliuerance, or to set a crowne vpon mine head.