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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 141

1 a He sheweth that there is none other refuge in our necessities, but onely to flee vnto God for comfort of soule.

1 ! Dauid being grieuously persecuted vnder Saul, onely fleeth vnto God to haue succour.

2 b He meaneth his earnest zeale & iesture, which he vsed in praier: alluding to the sacrifices, which were by God's commandement offred in the olde Law.

3 c He desireth God to kepe his thoghts & waies ether from thainking or executing vengeance.

3 ! Desiring him to bridle his affections, that he maie paciently abide til God take vengeance of his enemies.

4 d Let not their prosperitie allure me to be wicked as thei are.

5 e He colde abide all corrections, that came of a louing heart.

5 f By pacience I shal se the wicked so sharpely handled, that I shal for pitie praie for them.

6 g The people, which followed their wicked rulers in persecuting the Prophet, shal repent & turne to God when they se their wicked rulers punished.

7 h Here appeareth that Dauid was miraculously deliuered out of manie deaths, as {2 Cor. 1.9}

10 i Into Gods nettes, wherby he catcheth the wicked in their owne malice.