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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 148

1 ! He prouoketh all creatures to praise the Lord in heauen and earth and all places.

2 a Because thei are members of the same bodie, he setteth them before our eyes, which are moste willing hereunto, and by their prompt obedience teache vs to do our duetie.

3 b In that Gods glorie shineth in these insensible creatures, this their beautie is as a continual praising of God.

4 c Not that there are diuers heauens, but because of the spheres and of the situacion of the fixed stares & planets, he comprehendeth by this worde the whole heauen.

4 d That is, the raine, which is in the midle region of the aire, which he here comprendeth vnder the name of the heauens.

7 e Meaning, that great and monstruous fishes, as whales and suche like.

8 f Which come not by chance or fortune, but by Gods appointed ordinance.

11 g For the greater giftes that anie hathe receiued, and the more high that one his preferred, the more bound is he to praise God for the same, but nether high nor lowe condition or degre can be exempted from this duetie.

14 h That is, the dignitie, power and glorie of his Church.

14 i By reason of his couenant made with Abraham.

14 ! Specially his Church for the power that he hathe giuen to the same after that he had chosen them and joyned them vnto him.