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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 148


1 From heav’n o praise the Lord:

him praise the heights within.

2 All’s Angel’s praise afford,

all's Armies praise ye him.

3 O give him praise

Sun and Moon bright:

all Stars of light,

o give him praise.

4 Ye heav’ns of heav’ns him praise:

or’e heav’ns ye waters clear.

5 The Lords Name let them praise:

for he spake, made they were.

6 Them stablish’d he

for ever and aye:

nor shall away

his made decree.

7 Praise God from th’ earth below:

ye dragons and each deep.

8 Fire and hail, mist and snow:

whirl-winds his word which keep.

9 Mountains, also

you hills all ye:

Each fruitful tree,

all Cedars too.

10 Beasts also all cattle:

things creeping, fouls that fly.

11 Earths kings, and all people:

princes, earths judges bye:

do all the same.

12 Young men and maids:

old men and babes.

13 Praise the Lords Name,

For his Name’s high only:

his glory o’re earth and heav’n.

14 His folks horn he lifts high

the praise of all’s Saints, ev’n

the sons who be

of Israel,

his near people,

the Lord praise ye.