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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 149

1 Praise ye the Lord: unto the Lord

do ye sing a new song:

and in the congregation

his praise the Saints among.

2 Let Israel now joyful be

in him who him hath made:

children of Sion in their King

o let them be full glad.

3 O let them with melodious flute

his Name give praise unto:

let them sing praises unto him

with Timbrel, Harp also.

4 Because Jehovah in his folk

doth pleasure greatly take:

the meek he with salvation

ev’n beautiful will make.

5 Let them the gracious Saints that be

most gloriously rejoice:

and as they lye upon their beds

lift up their singing voice.

6 Let their mouths have Gods praise: their hand

a two edg’d sword also:

7 On heathen vengeance, on the folk

punishment for to do:

8 Their kings with chains, with iron bolts

also their peers to bind:

9 To do on them the judgment writ:

all's Saints this honour find.