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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 149

8 f Not onely the people, but the Kings, that were their enemies, shulde be destroyed.

9 g Hereby God bindeth the hands and mindes of all his enterprises no farther then he appointeth.

1 ! An exhortation to the Curch to praise the Lord for his victorie and conquest that he giueth his Saints against all mans power.

1 a For his rare and manifilde benefites bestowed on his Church.

2 b In that that they were preferred before all other nacions, it was as a newe creacion, & therefore {Psal. 95, 6} thei were called the worke of Gods hands.

2 c For God as he is the Creator of the soule & bodie so wil he that both two serue him, & that his people be continually subject vnto him as to their moste lawful King.

5 d He alludeth to that continual rest, and quietnes, which they shulde haue, if they wolde suffre God to rule them.

7 e That is chiefly accomplished in the kingdome of Christ, when Gods people for juste causes execute Gods judgements against his enemies: & it giueth no libertie to anie to reuenge their priuate injuries.