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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 150

1 PRaise ye the Lord. praise God

in's place of holiness:

o praise him in the firmament

of his great mightiness.

2 O praise him for his acts

that be magnificent:

and praise ye him according to

his greatness excellent.

3 With Trumpet praise ye him

that gives a sound so high:

and do ye praise him with the Harp,

and sounding Psaltery.

4 With Timbrel and with Flute

praise unto him give ye:

with Organs, and string’d instruments

prais’d by you let him be.

5 Upon the loud Cymbals

unto him give ye praise:

upon the Cymbals praise ye him

which high their sound do raise.

6 Let everything to which

the Lord doth breath afford

the praises of the Lord set forth:

o do ye praise the Lord.