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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 112

1 PRaise ye the Lord. blest is the man

that doth Jehovah fear,

that doth in his commandements

his spirit greatly cheer.

2 The very mighty upon earth

shall be that are his seed:

they also shall be blessed that

from th’ upright do proceed.

3 And there shall be within his house

both wealth and much rich store:

his righteousness it also doth

endure for evermore.

4 In midst of darkness there doth light

to upright ones arise:

both gracious, and pitiful,

righteous he is likewise.


5 A good man he doth favour show

and ready is to lend:

and with discretion his affairs

he carries to an end.

6 That man shall not assuredly

for ever moved be:

the righteous man he shall be had

in lasting memory.

7 By evil tidings that he hears

he shall not be afraid:

his trust he putting in the Lord.

his heart is firmly stay’d.

8 His heart is sure established,

fear shall not him surprise,

until he see what he desires

upon his enemies.

9 He hath disper’st, hath giv’n to poor:

his justice constantly

endureth: and his horn shall be

with honour lifted high.

10 The wicked shall see, and be griev’d;

gnash with his teeth shall he

and melt away: and their desire

shall fail that wicked be.