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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 111

1 Praise ye the Lord: with my whole heart

Jehovah praise will I:

i’th private meetings of th’ upright,

and public assembly.

2 Great are the Lords works: sought of all

that in them have pleasure.

3 Comely and glorious is his work:

aye doth his justice ‘dure.

4 To be remembred he hath made

his doings marvelous:

full of compassion is the Lord

as well as gracious.

5 Meat hath he given unto them

that fearers of him be:

he evermore his covenant

doth keep in memory:

6 The power of his works he did

unto his people show:

that he the heathens heritage

upon them might bestow.


7 Both verity and judgment are

the working of his hands:

yea very faithful also are

each one of his commands.

8 For ever and for evermore

they stand in stableness:

yea they are done in verity

also in uprightness.

9 Redemption to his folk he sent,

that covenant of his

for aye he hath ordain’d: holy

and reverend his Name is.

10 Of wisdom the beginning is

Jehovah’s fear: all they

that do his will have prudence good:

his praise endures for aye.