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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 110

A psalm of David.

1 The Lord did say unto my Lord,

sit thou at my right hand:

till I thine enemies make a stool

whereon thy feet may stand.

2 The Lord the rod shall of thy strength

send from out of Sion:

in middest of thine enemies

have thou dominion.

3 Willing thy folk in thy days power,

in holy beauties be:

from mornings womb; thou hast the dew

of thy youth unto thee.

4 Jehovah sware, nor will repent,

thou are a Priest for aye:

after the order that I of

Melchizedek did say.

5 The Lord who is at thy right hand.

wounding shall strike through Kings

in that same day wherein that he

his indignation brings.

6 He shall among the heathen judge,

and fill with bodies dead

great places, and o’re many lands

he shall strike through the head.

7 Out of the torrent he shall drink

I’th way he passeth by:

because of this therefore he shall

lift up his head on high.