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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 109

To the chief musician, a psalm of David.

1 God of my praise, hold not thy peace,

For mouth of the wicked,

and mouth of the deceitful are

against me opened:

Gainst me they speak with lying tongue.

3 And compass me about

with words of hate; and me against

without a cause they sought.

4 They for my love mine enemies are:

but I my prayer make.

5 And ill for good rewarded me

and hate for my loves sake.

6 A wicked person over him

do thou make for to sit,

also at his right hand do thou

let Satan stand at it.

7 When he is judged, let him then

condemned be therein:

and let the pray’r that he doth make.

be turn’d into sin.

8 Few let his days be: and let his

office another take.

9 His children let be fatherless,

and’s wife a widow make.

10 Let’s children still be vagabonds,

beg they their bread also:

out of their places desolate

let them a seeking go.


11 Yea, let th’ extortioner catch all

that doth to him pertain:

and let the stranger spoil what he

did by his labour gain.

12 Let there not any be that may

mercy to him express:

not any one that favour may

his children fatherless.

13 The issue also let thou be

cut off that from him came:

it’h following generation

out blotted be his name.

14 Remember’d with the Lord be his

fathers iniquity:

and of his mother never let

the sin out blotted be.

15 Before Jehovah let them be

continually put:

that from out of the earth he may

the mem’ry of them cut.

16 Because that he remember’d not

compassion to impart,

but did pursue the needy poor:

to slay the broke in heart.


17 As he did cursing love, so let

cursing unto him come:

as he did not in blessing joy,

so be it far him from.

18 With cursing like a robe as he

cloath’d him: so let it go

like water to his bowels, and

like oil his bones into.

19 Garment like let it to him be,

himself for to array:

and for a girdle, wherewith he

may gird himself alway.

20 Thus let mine adversaries be

rewarded from the Lord:

also of them against my soul

that speak an evil word.


21 But God the Lord, for thy Names sake,

o do thou well for me:

because thy mercy it is good,

o do thou set me free.

22 For poor and needy I: in me

my heart’s wounded also.

23 Like falling shade I pass: I’m toss’t

Locust like to and fro.

24 Through fasts my knees are weak: my flesh

it’s fatness doth forsake.

25 And I am their reproach: they look

at me, their heads they shake.

26 Help me, o Lord my God: after

thy mercy save thou me:

27 That they may know this is thy hand:

Lord that i'ts done by thee.

28 Let them curse, but o do thou bless;

when as that they arise

let them be shamed, thy servant

let him rejoice likewise.

29 Mine adversaries o let them

with shame be cloath’d upon:

and themselves cloath as with a cloak

with their confusion.

30 I’ll to Jehovah with my mouth

give thanks exceedingly:

yea him among the multitude

with praise I’ll glorify.

31 For he shall stand at right hand of

the poor and needy one:

from those that do condemn his soul

to give salvation.