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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 108

A song or psalm of David.

1 O GOD, my heart’s fixt, I’ll sing; praise

sing ev’n with my glory.

2 Awake thou Psaltery and Harp;

I will awake early.

3 O thou Jehovah, thee will I

the people praise among:

within the midst of nations

thee will I praise with song.

4 For o’re the heav’ns thy mercies great;

to th’ skies thy truth doth mount.

5 Or’e heav’ns o God, be lift, all earth

let thy glory surmount:

6 That thy beloved people may

be set at liberty:

with thy right hand salvation give,

and do thou answer me.


7 God hath in his own holiness

spoken, rejoice I shall:

of Shechem I’ll division make;

and mete out Succoth’s vale.

8 Mine Gilead, mine Manasseh is,

and Ephraim also he

is of my head the strength: Judah

shall my law-giver be.

9 Moab my wash-pot, I will cast

over Edom my shoo:

I’ll make a shout triumphantly

over Philistia too.

10 Who is it that will bring me to

the city fortified?

who is it that into Edom

will be to me a guide?

11 Wilt not thou do this thing, o God,

who didst us cast thee fro?

and likewise wilt not thou o God,

forth with our armies go?

12 From trouble give us help; for vain

is mans salvation.

13 Through God we shall do valiantly;

for he’ll our foes tread down.