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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 108

Psalm 108: My heart is fix'd, Lord; I will sing

A Song or Psalm of David.

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 My heart is fix’d, Lord; I will sing, and with my glory praise. 2 Awake up psaltery and harp; myself I’ll early raise.

3 I’ll praise thee ‘mong the people, Lord; ’mong nations sing will I: 4 For above heav’n thy mercy’s great, thy truth doth reach the sky.

5 Be thou above the heavens, Lord, exalted gloriously; Thy glory all the earth above be lifted up on high.

6 That those who thy beloved are delivered may be, O do thou save with thy right hand, and answer give to me.

7 God in his holiness hath said, Herein I will take pleasure; Shechem I will divide, and forth will Succoth’s valley measure.

8 Gilead I claim as mine by right; Manasseh mine shall be; Ephraim is of my head the strength; Judah gives laws for me;

9 Moab’s my washing-pot; my shoe I’ll over Edom throw; Over the land of Palestine I will in triumph go.

10 O who is he will bring me to the city fortify’d? O who is he that to the land of Edom will me guide?

11 O God, thou who hadst cast us off, this thing wilt thou not do? And wilt not thou, ev’n thou, O God, forth with our armies go?

12 Do thou from trouble give us help, for helpless is man’s aid. 13 Through God we shall do valiantly; our foes he shall down tread.