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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 108

1 / Or, my glorie, because it chiefly setteth forthe the glorie of God.

1 ! This Psalme is composed of two other Psalmes before, the seuen and fiftieth & the sixtieth. The matter here conteined is,

1 ! That Dauid giueth him self with heart and voyce to praise the Lord.

1 a This earnest affection declareth that he is fre from hypocrisie, and sluggishnes ??? him not.

3 b He prophecieth of the calling of the Gentiles:for except thei were called, they colde not heare the goodnes of God.

5 c Let all the worlde se thy judgements, in that thou art God ouer all, & so confesse that thou art glorious.

6 d When God by his benefites maketh vs partakers of his mercies, he admonisheth vs to be earnest in praier to desire him to continue and finish his graces.

7 ! And assureth him self of the promes of God concerning his kingdome ouer Israel, and his power against other naciions:

7 e As he hathe spoken to Samuel concerning me, so wil he shewe him self constant and holie in his promes, so that these nacions following shalbe subject vnto me.

11 ! Who thogh he seme to for sake vs for a time, yet he alone wil in the end cast downe our enemies.

11 f From the sixte verse of this psalme vnto the last read the exposicion in the threscore psalme, and fifte verse.