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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 107

1 a This notable sentence was in the beginning vsed, as the fote or tenour of the song, which was often times repeted.

1 ! The Prophet exhorteth all those that are redemed by the Lord, & gathered vnot him to giue thankes.

2 b As this was true in the Jewes, so is there none of Gods elect, that fele not his helpe in their necessitie.

3 / Or, from the Sea: meaning the red Sea, which is on the South parte of the land.

5 c He sheweth that there is none affliction so grieuous, out of the which God wil not deliuer his, and also, exhorteth them, that are deliuered, to be mindeful of so great a benefite.

9 ! For this merciful prouidence of God, gouerning all things at his good pleasure

11 d Then the true way to obeie God, is to followe his expresse commandement: also hereby all are exhorted to diescende into themselues, forasmuch as none are punished, but for their sinnes.

13 e He sheweth that the cause why God doeth punish vs extremely, is because we can be broght vnto him by one other meanes.

16 f When there semeth to mans judgement no recouerie, but all things are broght to despaire, then God chiefly sheweth his mightie power.

17 g Thei that haue no feare of God, by his sharp rods are broght to call vpon him and so finde mercie.

20 ! Sending good & euil, prosperitie and aduersitie to bring men vnto him.

20 h Be healing them he declareth his good wil toward them.

20 i Meaning, their diseases, which had almost broght them to graue & corruption.

22 k Praise and confession of Gods benefits are the true sacrifices of the godlie.

23 l He sheweth by the sea what care God hathe ouer man, for in that that he deliuereth them from the great dangers of the sea, he deliuereth them, as it were, from a thousand deaths.

27 n When their arte & meanes faile them, they are compelled to confesse that onely God prouidence doeth preserue them.

30 o Thogh before euerie drop semed to fight one against another, yet at his commandement they are acted as thoght they were frosen

32 p This great benefite oght not onely to be considered particularly, but magnified in all places & assemblies.

35 q For the loue that he beareth to his Churche he changeth the ordre of nature for their commoditie.

39 s As God by his prouidence doeth exalte men, so doeth he also humble them by afflictions to knowe them selues.

40 t For their wickednes and tyranie he causeth the people & subjects to contemne them.

42 ! Therefore as the righteous ther eat rejoyce, so shal the wicked haue their mouthes stopped.

42 u They, whose faith is lightened by Gods Spirit, shal rejoyce to se Gods judgements against the wicked & vngodlie.