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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 109

1 ! Dauid being falsely accused by flatters vnto Saul, praieth God to helpe him and to destroy his enemies.

1 a Thogh all the worlde condemne me, yet thou wilt approue mine innocencie, & that is a sufficient praise to me.

4 b To declare that I had none other refuge but thee, in whome my conscience was at rest.

6 c Whether it were Doeg or Saul, or some familiar friend that had betraied him, he praieth not of priuate affection, but moued by Gods Spirit, that God wolde take vengeance vpon him.

7 d As to the elect all things turne to their profite:so to the reprobat, euen those things, that are good, turne to their damnation.

8 ! And vnder them he speaketh of Judas the traitour vnto Jesus Christ, and of all the like enemies of the children of God:

8 e This was chiefly accomplished in Judas, {Act. 1,20}

11 f He declareth that the curse of God lieth vpon the extorcioners: who thinking to entriche their children by their vnlawful gotten goods, are by Gods just judgement depriued of all.

14 g Thus, punisheth the Lord to the third, and fourth generacion the wickednes of the parents in their wicked children.

16 h He sheweth that God accustometh to plauge them after a strange sort, that shewe them selus cruel toward other.

17 i Thus giueth the Lord to euerie man the thing wherin he deliteh, that the reprobate can not accuse God of wrong, when thei are giuen vp to their lusts and reprobat mindes.

20 k For being destitute of mans helpe, he fully trusted in the Lord that he wolde deliuer him.

21 l As you are named merciful, gracious and long suffring, so shewe thy self in effect.

23 m Meaning, that he hathe no ??? nor assurance in this worlde

24 n For hungre, that came of sorow, he was leane, and his natural moysture failed him.

26 o The more grieuous that Satan assailed him, the more earnes & instant was he in praier.

27 ! And desireth so to be deliuered, that his enemies maie knowe the works to be of God.

30 ! Then doeth he promise to giue praises vnto God.

30 q Not onely in confessing it secretly in my self, but also in declaring it before all the Congregacion.

31 r Hereby, he sheweth that he had not to do with them, that were of litle power, but with the judges and princes of the worlde.