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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 112

Psalm 112: Praise ye the Lord. The man is bless'd

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 Praise ye the Lord. The man is bless’d that fears the Lord aright, He who in his commandements doth greatly take delight.

2 His seed and offspring powerful shall be the earth upon: Of upright men blessed shall be the generation.

3 Riches and wealth shall ever be within his house in store; And his unspotted righteousness endures for evermore.

4 Unto the upright light doth rise, though he in darkness be: Compassionate, and merciful, and righteous, is he.

5 A good man doth his favour shew, and doth to others lend: He with discretion his affairs will guide unto the end.

6 Surely there is not any thing that ever shall him move: The righteous man’s memorial shall everlasting prove.

7 When he shall evil tidings hear, he shall not be afraid: His heart is fix’d, his confidence upon the Lord is stay’d.

8 His heart is firmly stablished, afraid he shall not be, Until upon his enemies he his desire shall see.

9 He hath dispers’d, giv’n to the poor; his righteousness shall be To ages all; with honour shall his horn be raised high.

10 The wicked shall it see, and fret, his teeth gnash, melt away: What wicked men do most desire shall utterly decay.