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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 113

1 The Lord praise ye, praise ye the Lord

his servants Gods Name praise.

2 O blessed be Jehovah’s Name,

from henceforth and always.

3 From rising to the setting sun:

the Lords Name’s to be prais’d.

4 The Lord all nations is above:

o're heav’ns his glory rais’d

5 Who is like to, the Lord our God?

who upon earth doth dwell.

6 Who humble doth himself to view.

in heav’n, in earth as well.

7 The needy from the dust he lifts:

the poor lifts from the dung.

8 That he with princes may him set:

his peoples Peers among.

9 The barren woman he doth make

to keep house, and to be

a joyful mother of children:

wherefore the Lord praise ye.