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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 113

1 a By this often repeticion he stirreth vp our colde dulnes to praise God, seing his workes are so wonderful, & that we are created for the same cause.

1 ! An exhortacion to praise the Lord for his prouidence.

4 b If Gods glorie shine through all the worlde, & therefore of all oght to be praised, what great condemnation were it to his people, among whome chiefly it shineth, if they shulde not earnestly extoll his Name?

7 c By preferring the poore to high honour, and giuing the barren children, he sheweth that God worketh not onely in his Church by ordinarie meanes, but also by miracles.

7 ! In that that contrarie to the course of nature he worketh in his Church.