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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 114

1 ! How the Israelites were deliuered forthe of Egypt, & of the wonderful miracles, that God wroght at that time. Which put vs in remembrance of Gods great mercie toward his Church, who when the course of nature faileth, preserueth his miraculously.

1 a That is, from them that were of a strange langage.

2 b The whole people were witnesses of his holie majestie, in adopting them, and of his mightie power in deliuering them.

4 c Seing that these deade creatures felt Gods power, & after a sorte sawe it, muche more his people oght to consider it & glorifie him for the same.

7 d Oght then his people to be insensible, when thei se his power & majestie?

8 e That is, caused miraculously water to come out of the rocke in moste abundance, {Exod. 17,6}