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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 115

1 a Because God promised to deliuer them, not for their sakes, but for his Name, {Isa. 48,11}, therefore they grounde their praier vpon this promes.

1 ! A praier of the faithful oppressed by idolatrous tyrants against whome they desire that God would succour them,

2 b When the wicked se that God accomplisheth not his promes, as thei imagine, thei thinke there is no God.

3 c No impediments can let his worke, but he vseth euen the impediments to serue his wil.

4 d Seing that nether the matter, nor the forme can commend the idoles, it followeth that there is nothing, why thei shulde be estemed.

7 e He sheweth what great vanitie it is to aske helpe of them, which not onley haue no helpe in them, but lacke sense and reason.

9 ! Trusting moste constantly that God wolde preserue them in this their nede, seing that he hathe adopted and receiued them to his fauour.

10 g For thei were appointed by God as instructers & teachers of faith and religion for others to followe.

12 h That is, he wil continue his graces toward his people.

15 i And therfore doeth stil gouerne & continue all things therein.

16 k And thei declare ynough his sufficiencie, for the worlde serueth him nothing, but to shewe his fatherlie care toward men.

17 l Thogh the dead set forthe Gods glory, yet he meaneth here, that thei praise him not in his Church and Congregacion.

18 ! Promising finally that thei wil not be vnmindeful of so great a benefite, if it wolde please God to heare their praier, & deliuer them by his omnipotent power.