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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 115

1 Not to us, not unto us, Lord,

but glory to thy Name afford:

for thy mercy, for thy truths sake.

2 The heathen wherefore should they say:

where is their God now gone away?

3 But heavn’s our God his fear doth make:

He hath done whatsoe’re he would.

4 Their Idols are silver and gold:

the handy work of men they were.

5 Mouths have they, speechless yet they be:

eyes have they, but they do not see.

6 Ears have they but they do not hear:

Noses have they, but do not smell.

7 Hands have they, but cannot handle,

feet have they but they do not go:

And through their throat they never spake.

8 Like them are they, that do them make:

and all that trust in them are so.

9 Trust in the Lord o Israel,

he is their help, their shield as well.

10 O Aaron’s house the Lord trust ye:

He is their help, and he their shield.

11 Who fear the Lord, trust to him yield:

their help also their shield is he.


12 The Lord hath mindful been of us,

he'll bless us, he’ll bless Isr’el’s house:

blessing he’le Aaron’s house afford.

13 He’ll bless Gods fearers: great and small.

14 You and your sons, the Lord much shall

15 increase still. You blest of the Lord

16 which heav’n and earth made. Heav’ns heav’ns

the Lords: but th’ earth men’s sons gives he. (be

17 The Lords praise dead do not afford:

Nor any that to silence bow.

18 But we will bless the Lord both now

and ever henceforth. praise the Lord.