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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 116

1 I Love the Lord, because he doth

my voice and prayer hear.

2 And in my days will call, because

he bow’d to me his ear.

3 The pangs of death on ev’ry side

about beset me round:

the pains of hell ‘gate hold on me,

distress and grief I found.

4 Upon Jehovah’s Name therefore

I called, and did say,

deliver thou my soul, o Lord,

I do thee humbly pray.

5 Gracious the Lord and just, our God

is merciful also.

6 The Lord the simple keeps: and he

sav'd me when I was low.

7 O thou my soul do thou return

unto thy quiet rest:

because the Lord to thee himself

hath bounteously exprest.

8 For thou hast freed my soul from death,

mine eyes from tears, from fall

9 my feet. Before the Lord i'th land

of living walk I shall.


10 I did believe, therefore I spake:

afflicted much was I.

11 That every man a liar is

I did say hastily.

12 What shall I render to the Lord,

to me for’s benefits all.

13 I’ll take the cup of saving health

and on the Lords Name call.

14 In presence now of all his folk,

I’ll pay the Lord my vows.

15 Of his Saints, in Jehovah’s sight

the death is precious.

16 I am thy servant, truly Lord

thine own servant am I:

I am the son of thy hand-maid,

my bands thou didst untie.

17 Of thanksgiving the sacrifice

offer to thee I will:

Jehovah’s Name I earnestly

will call upon it still.

18 Unto Jehovah I will pay

the vows were made by me,

now in the presence of all them

that his own people be.

19 Within the Courts of the Lords house,

ev'n in the midst of thee

o thou city Jerusalem:

o praise Jehovah ye.