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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 116

Psalm 116: I love the Lord, because my voice

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 I love the Lord, because my voice and prayers he did hear. 2 I, while I live, will call on him, who bow’d to me his ear.

3 Of death the cords and sorrows did about me compass round; The pains of hell took hold on me, I grief and trouble found.

4 Upon the name of God the Lord then did I call, and say, Deliver thou my soul, O Lord, I do thee humbly pray.

5 God merciful and righteous is, yea, gracious is our Lord. 6 God saves the meek: I was brought low, he did me help afford.

7 O thou my soul, do thou return unto thy quiet rest; For largely, lo, the Lord to thee his bounty hath exprest.

8 For my distressed soul from death deliver’d was by thee: Thou didst my mourning eyes from tears, my feet from falling, free.

9 I in the land of those that live will walk the Lord before. 10 I did believe, therefore I spake: I was afflicted sore.

11 I said, when I was in my haste, that all men liars be. 12 What shall I render to the Lord for all his gifts to me?

13 I’ll of salvation take the cup, on God’s name will I call: 14 I’ll pay my vows now to the Lord before his people all.

15 Dear in God’s sight is his saints’ death. 16 Thy servant, Lord, am I; Thy servant sure, thine handmaid’s son: my bands thou didst untie.

17 Thank-off ‘rings I to thee will give, and on God’s name will call. 18 I’ll pay my vows now to the Lord before his people all;

19 Within the courts of God’s own house, within the midst of thee, O city of Jerusalem. Praise to the Lord give ye.