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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 112

1 ! He praiseth the felicitie of them, that fear God

1 a He meaneth that reuerent feare, which is in the children of God, which causeth them to delite onely in the worde of God.

3 b The godlie shal haue abundance & contentement, because their heart is satisfied in God onely.

4 c The faithful in all their aduersities knowe that all shal go wel with them: for God wil be merciful and juste.

5 d He sheweth what is the frute of mercie: to lend frely & not for gaine, * so to measure his doings, that he maie be able to helpe where nede requireth, and not to bestowe all on him self.

9 e The godlie pinche not nigardely, but distribute liberally, as the necessitie of the poore requireth & as his power is able.

10 ! And condemneth the cursed state of the contemners of God.

10 g The blessings of God vpon his children shal cause the wicked to dye for enuie.