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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 105

1 O Praise the Lord, call on his Name.

‘mong people shew his facts.

2 Sing unto him, sing psalms to him:

talk of all’s wondrous acts.

3 Let their hearts joy, that seek the Lord:

boast in his Holy-Name.

4 The Lord seek, and his strength: his face

always seek ye the same.

5 Those admirable works that he

hath done remember you:

his wonders, and the judgments which

do from his mouth issue.

6 O ye his servant Abrahams seed:

sons of chose Jacob ye.

7 He is the Lord our God: in all

the earth his judgments be.

8 His Covenant for evermore,

and his commanded word,

a thousand generations to

he doth in mind record,

9 Which he with Abraham made, and’s oath

10 to Isaac. Made it fast,

a law to Jacob: and Isr’el

a Cov’nant aye to last.


11 He said, I’ll give thee Canaan’s land:

by lot, heirs to be there.

12 When few, yea very few in count

and strangers in’t they were;

13 When they did from one nation

unto another pass:

when from one Kingdome their goings

to other people was,

14 He suffered none to do them wrong:

Kings checkt he for their sake:

15 Touch not mine anointed ones; none ill

unto my Prophets make.

16 He cal’d for Famine on the land,

all staff of bread brake he.

17 Before them sent a man: Joseph

sold for a slave to be.

18 Whose feet they did with fetters hurt:

in yr’n his soul did lye.

19 Until the time that his word came:

the Lords word did him try.

20 The King the peoples Ruler sent,

loos'd him and let him go.

21 He made him Lord of all his house:

of all’s wealth ruler too:

22 At’s will to bind his Peers: and teach

23 his Ancients skill. Then came

Isr’el to Egypt: and Jacob

sojourned i'th land of Ham.

24 He much increast his folk: and made

them stronger then their foe,

25 Their heart he turn’d his folk to hate

to’s servants crafts to show.


26 Moses his servant he did send:

and Aaron whom he chose.

27 His signs and wonders them amongst,

they in Hams land disclose.

28 He darkness sent, and made it dark:

nor did they’s word gain-say.

29 He turn’d their waters into blood:

and he their fish did slay.

30 Great store of Frogs their land brought forth

in chambers of their Kings.

31 He spake, there came mixt swarms, and lice

in all their coasts he brings.

32 He gave them hail for rain: and in

their land fires flame did make.

33 And smote their Vines and their Fig trees:

and their coast-trees he brake.

34 He spake, and then the Locusts came:

and Caterpillars, such

the number of them was as none

could reckon up how much,

35 And ate all their lands herbs: and did

fruit of their ground devour.

36 All first borne in their land he smote:

the chief of all their power.


37 With silver also and with gold

he them from thence did bring:

and among all their tribes there was

not any one weak ling.

38 Egypt was glad when out they went:

for on them fell their dread.

39 A cloud for cov’ring, and a fire

to light the night he spread.

40 They askt, and he brought quails: did them

with heav’ns bread satisfy,

41 He op’t the rock and waters flow’d:

floods ran in places dry.

42 For on his holy promise, he

and’s servant Abraham thought.

43 With joy his people, and with songs

forth he his chosen brought.

44 He of the heathen people did

the land on them bestow:

the labour of the people they

inherited also:

45 To this intent that his statutes

they might observe always:

also that they his laws might keep.

do ye Jehovah praise.