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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 106

1 PRaise ye the Lord, o to the Lord

give thanks, for good is he:

for his mercy continued is

to perpetuity.

2 Who can the Lords strong acts forth tell?

or all his praise display?

3 Blest they that judgment keep: and who

doth righteousness alway.

4 With favour of thy people, Lord,

do thou remember me:

and me with that salvation

visit which is of thee:

5 To see thy chosen’s good, to joy

in gladness of thy nation:

that with thine own inheritance

I might have exultation.

6 As our fore-fathers so have we

sinned erroneously:

we practis’d have iniquity,

we have done wickedly.


7 Our fathers did not understand

thy wonders in Egypt,

nor was thy mercies multitude

in their remembrance kept:

But at the sea at the read sea

8 vext him. Yet for his own

Names sake he sav’d them: that he might

his mighty power make known.

9 The red sea also he rebuk’t,

and dried up it was:

so that as through the wilderness,

through depths he made them pass.

10 And from the hand of him that did

them hate, he set them free:

and them redeemed from his hand

that was their enemy.

11 The waters covered their foes:

of them there was left none.

12 They did believe his word; they sang

his praises thereupon.


13 They soon forgot his words; nor would

they for his counsel stay:

14 But much i'th wilderness did lust;

i'th desert God tried they.

15 And he their suite them gave; but sent

leanness their soul into.

16 They envi’d Moses in the camp,

Aaron Gods Saint also.

17 The opned earth, Dathan devour’d;

and hid Abirams troup.

18 And fire was kindled in their rout:

flame burnt the wicked up.

19 In Horeb made a calf; also

molt image worshipt they.

20 They chang’d their glory to be like,

an ox that eateth hay.

21 They God forgot their saviour; which

in Egypt did great acts:

22 Works wondrous in the land of Ham:

by th’red sea dreadful facts.

23 And said he would them waste; had not

Moses stood (whom he chose)

‘fore him i'th breach, to turn his wrath,

lest that he should waste those.


24 Yet they despis’d the pleasant land:

nor did believe his word:

25 But murmur’d in their tents: the voice

they heard not of the Lord.

26 To make them fall i'th desert then,

‘gainst them he lift his hands.

27 ‘Mongst nations eke to sell their seed,

and scatter them i'th lands.

28 And to Baal-Peor they join’d themselves:

ate offerings of the dead.

29 Their works his wrath did thus provoke:

the plague amongst them spread.

30 Then Phinehas rose, and judgment did:

and so the plague did stay.

31 Which justice to him counted was:

to age and age for aye.


32 At th’ waters of contention

they angered him also:

so that with Moses for their sakes,

it very ill did go:

33 Because his spirit they provoakt:

with's lips to speak rashly.

34 The nations as the Lord them charg’d,

they story’d not utterly:

35 But were amongst the Heathen mixt,

and learn’d their works to do:

36 And did their Idols serve; which them

became a snare unto.

37 Yea, unto devils, they their sons

and daughters offered.

38 And guiltless blood, blood of their sons

and of their daughters shed,

Whom unto Canans Idols they

offered in sacrifice:

the land with blood abundantly

polluted was likewise.

39 Thus with the works were they defil’d

which they themselves had done:

and they did go a whoring with

inventions of their own:


40 Therefore against his folk the wrath

was kindled of the Lord:

so that he the inheritance

which was his own abhorr’d.

41 And he gave them to heathens hand;

their haters their lords were.

42 Their foes thral’d them; under their hand

made them the yoke to bear.

43 Oft he deliver’d them; but they

provoakt him bitterly

with their counsel, and were brought low

for their iniquity.

44 Yet, he regarded their distress;

when he did hear their plaint.

45 And he did to remembrance call

for them his Covenant:

And in his many mercies did

46 repent. And made them be

pity'd of all that led them forth

into captivity.

47 Save us, o Lord our God, and us

from heathens gath’ring raise

to give thanks to thy Holy-Name:

to triumph in thy praise.

48 The Lord the God of Israel

from aye to aye blest be:

and let all people say Amen.

o praise Jehovah ye.