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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 104

1 THe Lord bless, o my Soule, o Lord

my God, exceedingly

great art thou: thou with honour art

cloath’d and with majesty.

2 Who dost thy self with light, as if

it were a garment cover:

who like unto a curtain dost

the heavens stretch all over.

3 Who of his chambers lays the beams

ith waters, and he makes

the clouds his Chariot, and his way

4 His Angels Spirits, his ministers

who makes a fiery flame.

5 who earths foundations laid, that ne’re

should be remov’d the same.

6 Thou with the deep (as with a robe)

didst cover the dry land:

above the places mountainous

the waters they did stand.

7 When as that thou rebukedst them

away then fled they fast:

they also at thy thunders voice

with speed away do hast.

8 Up by the mountains they ascend:

down by the valleys go,

the place which thou didst found for them

until they come unto.

9 Thou hast to them a bound prefixt

which they may not pass over:

so that they might no more return

again the earth to cover.


10 who springs into the valleys sends,

which run among the hills.

11 whence all beasts of the field have drink:

wild asses drink their fills.

12 Heav’ns fowls dwell by them, which do sing

among the sprigs with mirth.

13 He waters from his lofts the hills:

thy works fruit fill the earth.

14 For beasts he makes the grass to grow,

herbs also for mans good:

that he may bring out of the earth

what may be for their food:

15 Wine also that man’s heart may glad,

and oil their face to bright:

and bread which to the heart of man

may it supply with might.

16 Gods trees are sappy: his planted

Cedars of Lebanon:

17 Where birds do nest: as for the Stork,

Firs are her mansion.

18 The wild Goats’ refuge are the hills:

rocks Conies do inclose.

19 The Moon he hath for seasons set,

the Sun his setting knows.


20 Thou makest darkness, and ‘tis night:

when wood beasts creep out all.

21 After their prey young Lions roar:

from God for food they call.

22 The Sun doth rise, then in their dens

they couch, when gone aside.

23 Man to his work and labour goes,

until the ev’ning-tide.

24 O Lord, how many are thy works!

all of them thou hast wrought

in wisdom: with thy plenteous store

the earth is fully fraught.

25 So is this great and spacious sea,

wherein things creeping be

beyond all number: beasts of small

and of great quantity.

26 There go the ships: Leviathan,

therein thou mad’st to play.

27 These all wait on thee, that their meat

in their time give thou may.

28 They gather what thou givest them:

thy hand thou op’nest wide,

and they with such things as are good

are fully satisfied.

29 Thou hid’st thy face, they troubled are,

their breath thou tak’st away,

then do they dye: also return

unto their dust do they.

30 They are created, when thou makst

thy spirit forth to go:

thou of the earth dost make the face

to be renew’d also.


31 The glory of Jehovah shall

for evermore endure:

in his own works Jehovah shall

joyfully take pleasure.

32 The earth doth tremble, when that he

upon the same doth look,

the mountains he doth touch, likewise

they thereupon do smoke.

33 I'le to the LORD sing chearfully

Throughout my life always

While I a being have will I

Unto my God sing prayse.

34 Full sweet my meditation

concerning him shall be:

so that I in Jehovah will

rejoice exceedingly.

35 Let sinners be consum’d from th’ earth,

and wicked be no more:

bless thou Jehovah, o my soul,

praise ye the Lord therefore.