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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 104

1 ! An excellent Psalme to praise God for the creation of the worlde & gouernance of the same by his maruelous prouidence,

1 a The Prophet sheweth that we nede not to enter into the heauens to seke God, for asmuch as all the ordre of nature, with the proprietie and placing of the elements, are moste lieuly mirrours to se his maiestie in.

4 b As the Prophet here sheweth that all visible powers are readie to serue God: so the Apostle to the {Ebr. 1,7} beholdeth in this glasse, how the verie Angels also are obedient to his commandement.

6 d If by thy power you didest not bridle the rage of the waters, it were not possible, but the whole worlde shulde be destroied.

6 c Thou makest the sea to be an ornament vnto the earth.

11 e If God prouide for the verie beastes, much more wil he extend his prouident care to man.

12 f There is no part of the worlde so barren, where moste euident signes of Gods blessings appeare not.

14 h He describeth Gods prouident care ouer man, who doeth not only prouide necessarie things for him, as herbes & other meat: but also things to rejoyce and comforte him, as wine & oyle or ointments.

19 i As to separat the night from the daie, & to note daies, moneths & yeres.

19 k That is, by this course, ether farre or nere, it noteth sommer, winter and other seasons.

21 l That is, they onely finde meat according to Gods prouidence, who careth euen for the brute beastes.

23 m To wit, when the daie springeth: for the light is as it were a shield to defend man against the tyranie and fiercenes of beastes.

24 n He confesseth that no tongue is able to expresse Gods workes, nor minde to comprehende them.

27 o God is a moste nourishing Father, who prouideth for all creatures their daielie fode.

29 p As by thy presence all things haue life: so, if thou withdrawe thy blessings thei all perish.

30 q As the death of creatures sheweth that we are nothing of our selues: so their generacion declareth that we receiue all things of our Creator.

32 r Gods merciful face giueth strength to the earth, but his seuere countenance burneth the mountaines.

35 s Who infect the worlde, & so cause God that he can not rejoyce in his workes.

35 ! Wherein the Prophet praieth against the wicked, who are occasions that God diminished his blessings.