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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 103

1 ! He prouoketh all to praise the Lord, which hathe pardoned his sinnes, deliuered him from destruction, and giuen him sufficient of all good things.

1 a He wakeneth his dullnes to praise God, shewing that both vnderstanding & affections, minde & heart are to litle to set forthe his praise.

3 b This is the beginning and chiefest of all benefites: remission of sinne.

4 c For before that we haue remission of our sinnes, we are as dead men in the graue.

5 d As the egle, when her beake ouergroweth suckerth blood, and so is renued in strength, euen so God miraculously giueth strength to his Church aboue all mans expectations.

7 e As to his chief minister & next to his people.

9 f He sheweth first his seuere judgement, but so sone as the sinner is humbled, he receiueth him to mercie.

10 g We haue prouen by continual experience, that his mercie hathe euer preuailed against our offences.

10 ! Then he addeth the tender mercies of God which he sheweth like a moste tender Father towards his children

12 h As great as the worlde is, so ful is it of signes of Gods mercies toward his faithful, when he hathe remoued their sinnes.

15 i He declareth that man hathe nothing in him selfe to moue God to mercie, but onely the confession of his infirmitie & miserie.

18 l To whome he giueth grace to feare him & to obey his worde.

20 m In that that we, which naturally are stowe to praise God, exhort the Angels, which wilingly do it, we stirre vp our selues to consider our duetie, & awake out of our sluggishness.

20 ! And exhortation to man and Angels to praise the Lord.