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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 102

1 ! It semeth that this praier was appointed to the faithful to praie in the captiuitie of Babylon.

1 a Whereby is signified, that albeit we be in neuer so great miseries, yet, there is euer place left for praier.

1 b He declareth that in our praier we must liuely fele that, which we desire and stedfastly beleue to obteine.

3 c These excessiue kindes of speache shew how muche the afflictions of the Church oght to wounde the heartes of the godlie.

4 d My sorowes were so great that I passed not for mine ordinarie fode.

6 e Euer mourning, and solitarie, casting out feareful cryes.

9 g I haue not risen our of my mourning to take my refection.

10 h He sheweth that the afflictions did not onely thus moue him, but chiefly the feling of Gods displeasure.

12 i How soeuer we be fraile, yet thy promes is sure & the remembrance thereof shal confirme vs for euer.

13 k That is, the seuentie yeres, which by the prophet Jeremia you didest appoint, {Jer. 29,12}

14 l The more that the Church is in miserie and desolation the more oght the faithful to loue and pitie it.

16 m That is, when he shal haue drawen his Church our of the darkenes of death.

16 ! A consolation for the building of the Church:

18 n The deliuerance of the Church is a moste excellent benefite & therefore he compareth it to a newe creation: for in their banishment the bodie of the Church semed to haue bene dead, which by deliuerance was as it were created anewe.

18 ! Whereof followeth the praise of God to be published vnto all posteritie.

20 o Who now in their banishement colde loke for nothing but death.

22 p He sheweth that Gods Name is neuer more praised, then when religion florisheth, and the Church increaseth: which thing is chiefly accomplished vnder the kingdome of Christ.

22 ! The conuersion of the Gentiles

23 q The Church lament that thie se not the time of Christ, which was promised, but haue but fewe yeres and short daies.

26 r If heauen & earth perish, muche more man shal perish: but the Church by reason of Gods promes endureth for euer.

28 s Seing you hast chosen thy Church our of the worlde, & joyned it to thee, it can not but continue for euer: for you are euerlasting.

28 ! And the stabilitie of the Church.