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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 101

1 ! Dauid describeth what gouernement he wil obserue in his house and kingdome

1 a Dauid considereth what maner of King he wolde be, when God shulde place him in the throne, promising openly, that he wolde be merciful and just.

2 b Thogh as yet you differest to place me in the kinglie dignitie, yet wil I giue my self to wisdome & vprightnes being a priuate man.

3 c He sheweth that magistrates do no their dueties, except thei be enemies to all vice.

5 ! He wil punish and correct, by rooting forthe the wicked

5 d In promising to punish these vices, which are moste pernicious in them that are about Kings, he declareth that he wil punish all.

6 e He sheweth what is the true vse of the sworde: to punish the wicked and to mainteine the good.

6 ! And cherishing the godlie persones

8 f Magistrates must immediately punish vice, lest it growe to farther inconuenience and if heathen Magistrates are bounde to do this, how muche more thei that haue the charge of the Church of God?