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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 101

A psalm of David.

1 MErcy and judgment I will sing,

Lord, I will sing to thee.

2 I’ll wisely do in perfect way:

when wilt thou come to me?

I will in midst of my house walk

in my hearts perfectness:

3 I will not set before mine eyes

matter of wickedness:

I hate their work that turn aside,

it shall not cleave me to.

4 Froward in heart from me shall part,

none evil will I know.

5 I’ll cut him off, that flaundereth

his neighbour privily:

I cannot bear the proud in hear,

nor him that looketh high.

6 Upon the faithful in the land

mine eyes shall be, that they

may dwell with me: he shall me serve

that walks in perfect way.

7 He that a worker is of guile,

shall not in my house dwell:

before mine eyes he shall not be

settled, that lies doth tell.

8 Yea, all the wicked of the land

early destroy will I:

to cut off from Gods city all

that work iniquity.