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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 102

Psalm 102, C.M.: O Lord, unto my pray'r give ear

A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the Lord.

First Version (C.M.)

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 O Lord, unto my pray’r give ear, my cry let come to thee; 2 And in the day of my distress hide not thy face from me.

Give ear to me; what time I call, to answer me make haste: 3 For, as an hearth, my bones are burnt, my days, like smoke, do waste.

4 My heart within me smitten is, and it is withered Like very grass; so that I do forget to eat my bread.

5 By reason of my groaning voice my bones cleave to my skin. 6 Like pelican in wilderness forsaken I have been:

I like an owl in desert am, that nightly there doth moan; 7 I watch, and like a sparrow am on the house-top alone.

8 My bitter en’mies all the day reproaches cast on me; And, being mad at me, with rage against me sworn they be.

9 For why? I ashes eaten have like bread, in sorrows deep; My drink I also mingled have with tears that I did weep.

10 Thy wrath and indignation did cause this grief and pain; For thou hast lift me up on high, and cast me down again.

11 My days are like unto a shade, which doth declining pass; And I am dry’d and withered, ev’n like unto the grass.

12 But thou, Lord, everlasting art, and thy remembrance shall Continually endure, and be to generations all.

13 Thou shalt arise, and mercy have upon thy Sion yet; The time to favour her is come, the time that thou hast set.

14 For in her rubbish and her stones thy servants pleasure take; Yea, they the very dust thereof do favour for her sake.

15 So shall the heathen people fear the Lord’s most holy name; And all the kings on earth shall dread thy glory and thy fame.

16 When Sion by the mighty Lord built up again shall be, In glory then and majesty to men appear shall he.

17 The prayer of the destitute he surely will regard; Their prayer will he not despise, by him it shall be heard.

18 For generations yet to come this shall be on record: So shall the people that shall be created praise the Lord.

19 He from his sanctuary’s height hath downward cast his eye; And from his glorious throne in heav’n the Lord the earth did spy;

20 That of the mournful prisoner the groanings he might hear, To set them free that unto death by men appointed are:

21 That they in Sion may declare the Lord’s most holy name, And publish in Jerusalem the praises of the same;

22 When as the people gather shall in troops with one accord, When kingdoms shall assembled be to serve the highest Lord.

23 My wonted strength and force he hath abated in the way, And he my days hath shortened: 24 Thus therefore did I say,

My God, in mid-time of my days take thou me not away: From age to age eternally thy years endure and stay.

25 The firm foundation of the earth of old time thou hast laid; The heavens also are the work which thine own hands have made.

26 Thou shalt for evermore endure, but they shall perish all; Yea, ev’ry one of them wax old, like to a garment, shall:

Thou, as a vesture, shalt them change, and they shall changed be: 27 But thou the same art, and thy years are to eternity.

28 The children of thy servants shall continually endure; And in thy sight, O Lord, their seed shall be establish’d sure.