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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 103

A psalm of David.

1 O Thou my soul, Jehovah bless,

and all things that in me

most inward are, in humbleness

his Holy-Name bless ye

2 The Lord bless in humility,

o thou my soul: also

put not out of thy memory

all’s bounties, thee unto.

3 For he it is who pardoneth

all thine iniquities:

he it is also who healeth

all thine infirmities.

4 Who thy life from destruction

redeems: who crowneth thee

with his tender compassion

and kind benignity.

5 Who with good things abundantly

doth satisfy thy mouth:

so that like as the Eagles be

renewed is thy youth.

6 The Lord doth judgment and justice

for all oppressed ones.

7 To Moses shew’d those ways of his:

his acts to Isr’el’s sons.


8 The Lord is merciful also

he's very gracious:

and unto anger he is slow,

in mercy plenteous.

9 Contention he will not maintain

to perpetuity:

nor he his anger will retain

unto eternity.

10 According to our sins likewise

to us he hath not done:

nor hath he our iniquities

rewarded us upon.

11 Because even as the heavens are

in height the earth above:

so toward them that do him fear

confirmed is his love.

12 Like as the East and West they are

far in their distances:

he hath remov’d away so far

from us our trespasses.

13 A fathers pity like unto,

which he his sons doth bear:

like pity doth Jehovah show

to them that do him fear.

14 For he doth know this frame of ours:

he minds that dust we be.

15 Mans days are like the grass: like flowrs

in field, so flourisheth he.

16 For over it the wind doth pass,

and it away doth go;

also the place whereas it was

no longer shall it know.


17 But yet Gods mercy ever is,

shall be, and aye hath been

to them that fear him; and’s justice

unto children’s children.

18 To such as keep his covenant,

that do in mind up lay

the charge of his commandement

that it they may obey.

19 The Lord hath in the heavens high

established his throne:

and over all his Royalty

doth bear dominion.

20 O ye his Angels that excel

in strength, bless ye the Lord,

that do his word, that hearken well

unto the voice of’s word.

21 All ye that are the Lords armies,

o bless Jehovah still:

and all ye ministers of his,

his pleasure that fulfill.

22 Yea, all his works in places all

of his dominion,

bless ye the Jehovah: o my Soul,

Jehovah bless alone.