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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 105

1 ! He praiseth the singular grace of God, who hathe all the people of the worlde chosen a peculiar people to him self, and hauing chosen them, neuer ceaseth to do them good, euen for his promes sake.

1 a For asmuchas the Israelites were exmpted from the commune condemnation of the worlde, and were elected to be Gods people, the Prophet willeth them to shewe them selues mindeful by thankesgiuing.

4 b By the strength & face, he meaneth the Arke where God declared his power and his presence.

5 c Which he hathe wroght in the deliuerance of people.

5 d Because his power was therby as liuely declared, as if he shulde haue declared it by mouth.

9 e The promes which God made to Abraham to be his God, and the God of his sede after him, he renued and repeted it againe to his sede after him.

11 f He sheweth that thei shulde not enjoye the land of Canaan by anie other meanes, but by reason of his couenant made with their fathers.

14 g That is, the King of Ebypt and the King of Gerar, {Gen. 12,17, & 20,3}

15 i Meaning the olde fathers, to whome God sheweth him self plainely, and who were setters forthe of his worde.

15 h Those whome I haue sanctifide to be my people.

16 k Ether by sending scarsetie, or by taking awaie the strength & nourishment thereof.

19 l So long he suffred aduersitie, as God had appointed, and til he had tryed sufficiently his pacience.

22 m That the verie princes of the countrey shulde be at Josephs commandement & learne wisdome at him.

25 n So it is in God, ether to moue the hearts of the wicked to loue or to hate gods children.

31 p So that this vermine came not by fortune, but as God had appointed, & his Prophet Moses spake.

32 q It was strange to se raine in Egypt, muche more it was fearful to se haile.

34 r He sheweth that all creatures are armed against man, when God is his enemies: as at his commandement the grashoppers destroyed the land.

37 s When their enemies felt Gods plagues, his children by his prouidence were exempted.

38 t For Gods plagues caused them rather to depart with the Israelites then with their liues.

40 u Not for necessitie, but for satissying of their lust.

42 x When he confirmeth to the posteritie, in whome after a sorte the dead liue and enjoye the promises.

43 y When the Egyptians lamented & were destroyed.

45 z This is the end, why God preserueth his Church, because they shulde worship, and call vpon him in this worlde.