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Geneva Bible (1599): Psalm 105

1 Praise the Lord, and call vpon his Name: declare his workes among the people.

2 Sing vnto him, sing prayse vnto him, and talke of all his wonderous workes.

3 Reioyce in his holy Name: let the heart of them that seeke the Lord, reioyce.

4 Seeke the Lord and his strength: seeke his face continually.

5 Remember his marueilous woorkes, that he hath done, his wonders and the iudgements of his mouth,

6 Ye seede of Abraham his seruant, ye children of Iaakob, which are his elect.

7 He is the Lord our God: his iudgements are through all the earth.

8 He hath alway remembred his couenant and promise, that he made to a thousand generations,

9 Euen that which he made with Abraham, and his othe vnto Izhak:

10 And since hath confirmed it to Iaakob for a lawe, and to Israel for an euerlasting couenant,

11 Saying, Vnto thee will I giue the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance.

12 Albeit they were fewe in nomber, yea, very fewe, and strangers in the land,

13 And walked about from nation to nation, from one kingdome to another people,

14 Yet suffered he no man to doe them wrong, but reprooued Kings for their sakes, saying,

15 Touche not mine anointed, and doe my Prophets no harme.

16 Moreouer, he called a famine vpon ye land, and vtterly brake the staffe of bread.

17 But he sent a man before them: Ioseph was solde for a slaue.

18 They helde his feete in the stockes, and he was laide in yrons,

19 Vntill his appointed time came, and the counsell of the Lord had tryed him.

20 The King sent and loosed him: euen the Ruler of the people deliuered him.

21 He made him lord of his house, and ruler of all his substance,

22 That he shoulde binde his princes vnto his will, and teach his Ancients wisedome.

23 Then Israel came to Egypt, and Iaakob was a stranger in the land of Ham.

24 And he increased his people exceedingly, and made them stronger then their oppressours.

25 He turned their heart to hate his people, and to deale craftily with his seruants.

26 Then sent he Moses his seruant, and Aaron whom he had chosen.

27 They shewed among them the message of his signes, and wonders in the land of Ham.

28 He sent darkenesse, and made it darke: and they were not disobedient vnto his commission.

29 He turned their waters into blood, and slewe their fish.

30 Their land brought foorth frogs, euen in their Kings chambers.

31 He spake, and there came swarmes of flies and lice in all their quarters.

32 He gaue them haile for raine, and flames of fire in their land.

33 He smote their vines also and their figge trees, and brake downe the trees in their coastes.

34 He spake, and the grashoppers came, and caterpillers innumerable,

35 And did eate vp all the grasse in their land, and deuoured the fruite of their ground.

36 He smote also all the first borne in their land, euen the beginning of all their strength.

37 He brought them forth also with siluer and golde, and there was none feeble among their tribes.

38 Egypt was glad at their departing: for the feare of them had fallen vpon them.

39 He spred a cloude to be a couering, and fire to giue light in the night.

40 They asked, and he brought quailes, and he filled them with the bread of heauen.

41 He opened the rocke, and the waters flowed out, and ranne in the drye places like a riuer.

42 For he remembred his holy promise to Abraham his seruant,

43 And he brought forth his people with ioy, and his chosen with gladnesse,

44 And gaue them the lands of the heathen, and they tooke the labours of the people in possession,

45 That they might keepe his statutes, and obserue his Lawes. Prayse ye the Lord.