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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 99

1 Jehovah ‘tis that reigns,

let people be in dread:

‘midst Cherubs he remains,

th' earth let it be moved.

2 Jehovah is

in Sion great,

in highness set

he is likewise

Above all the people.

3 Let them confess thy Name

so great and terrible:

for holy is the same.

4 The King his might

doth love justice:

thou dost stablish

things that be right:

Judgment thou dost, also

in Jacob righteousness.

5 The Lord our God do you

set up in his highness,

and worship ye

his footstool at:

by reason that

holy is he.

6 Moses also Aaron

among his Priests, likewise

Samuel all those among

that to his name send cries:

called they have

the Lord upon,

and he alone

them answer gave.

7 He unto them did speak

it'h cloudy pillar: then

they kept his records, eke

his ord’nance he gave them.

8 Lord, thou who art

our God didst hear,

and didst answer

to them impart,

Thou wast a God pard’ning

them, although thou vengeance

upon their works didst bring.

9 The Lord our God advance,

and bow ye down

at's holy hill:

for our God’s still

the Holy-one.