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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 99

Psalm 99: Th' eternal Lord doth reign as king

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 Th’ eternal Lord doth reign as king, let all the people quake; He sits between the cherubims, let th’ earth be mov’d and shake.

2 The Lord in Sion great and high above all people is; 3 Thy great and dreadful name (for it is holy) let them bless.

4 The king’s strength also judgment loves; thou settlest equity: Just judgment thou dost execute in Jacob righteously.

5 The Lord our God exalt on high, and rev’rently do ye Before his footstool worship him: the Holy One is he.

6 Moses and Aaron ‘mong his priests, Samuel, with them that call Upon his name: these call’d on God, and he them answer’d all.

7 Within the pillar of the cloud he unto them did speak: The testimonies he them taught, and laws, they did not break.

8 Thou answer’dst them, O Lord our God; thou wast a God that gave Pardon to them, though on their deeds thou wouldest vengeance have.

9 Do ye exalt the Lord our God, and at his holy hill Do ye him worship: for the Lord our God is holy still.